Oriented Software For Cross-Platform Logical Data Migration

“With Accelario technology we were able to decrease our planned down time for migration from 41 hours to 6 hours only.”

John ArbaneCIO, Telecommunication Service Provider

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5-Step Migration Process


A one phase easy to deploy process to support your data migration:

1.       Prepare Before copy

Preparing database infrastructure on the target. Users, tablespaces, compression types and more

2.       Copy Data

Copying data with full control on both sides – source and target (pace is set mainly by Source power and size of the tables). Unique option to combine

data move process with compression. Multi source copy (Clone, physical server, Prod, Test)

3.       Create Indexes

Ongoing control of copy process and performance – followed by an online configuration and properties adaptation for maximum results.

4.       Copy views, procedures & sequences

Building views, procedures, sequences and more on the target for all objects.

5.       Compare

Compare source with target.

ERM - Environment Refresh Manager

  • On going data copy control
  • One time configuration for many refreshments
  • Unlimited sources / target
  • Managing data refresh between prod to test
  • Unique user interface for changing demands and requests

Physical vs. Logical Migration

Businessorganizations are in constant change. The main reasons are changes in business needs, new markets, competitors’ action and more.

In most cases the IT department is involved deeply and requiresadopting quickly while actually doing the change in the safest way.

Changes that require data platform replacement are usually risky and complex. This is why organization tends to do it only when they have to.


Physical Migration

In cases that the source and target are the same (for example Linux to Linux, same DB version) the chosen tool is usually Oracle RMAN, done as a physical migration.

Physical migration classical projects are when the following exist;

-          Same Oracle version;

-          Same OS Platform


  • Can be done with Oracle Data Guard (and RMAN) with minimum or zero downtime;
  • Simple process;
  • Minimum change;
  • Knowledge is vast;


  • Whatever exists on the source is movedto the target(defects, etc.);
  • No improvement  of  data;
  • Data stays as is – same size (if source had no compression, target will  have none as well);
  • Source and target need to be on the same oracle version
  • RMAN commands are ONLY supported for the limited platform combinations listed on Oracle web site, and are ONLY relevant for the same Endian combinations.
  • If a particular combination is missing, one must use other supported migration procedures, such as transportable tablespace/database or Data Pump import –export )meaning logical migration).

While the organization needs to re-organize their data, the only option to do it with a Physical migration is by the following process:

  1. Upgrading the source – including downtime and tests.
  2. Building Data Guard between sources to target.
  3. Perform switch process – cut over, short downtime and testing again.
  4. Data re-organization

Re-organization of data include solutions for compression of data, objects, indexes, table spaces, partitions and more, which is another long process done on the target. In many cases the system will require additional down time, poor performance or unstableness – all of that as a live system. Additional free space is needed on the storage system in order to perform the move.

Logical Migration

In cases that the source and target are not the same, or there is a need to any change DURING the migration, logical migration is suitable;

-          Different Oracle version;

-          Not the same OS Platform or different OS (Unix to Linux, Linux to Exadata, Windows to Linux, etc).


  • All changes, upgrades and re-organization will be done in one downtime;
  • Only required data will be migrated;
  • Done with one tool;
  • Agnostic to OS versions, DB versions;


  • Complex process;
  • Slow – if many objects are involved;
  • Lack of experience;

Methods for Logical Migration

Technology Time
Export -Import Long
Data Pump Medium
Insert/Select/ DB Link – ctas create table Short
CSV files Long

Accelario is the leading solution of Logical Migration for Oracle DB, introducing the 5-STEP-MIGRATION process to ensure a fast, easy and simple logical migration project.